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CarbonScape is using microwave technology to refine carbon, converting waste biomass into valuable products. It's cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than traditional methods. And all in beautiful Marlborough, New Zealand.

CarbonScape has pioneered a new way to use  microwaves to unlock low-cost biomass into renewable, high-value carbon and chemical products. Research and development over the last six years has led to major advances in creating 'design-your-own' carbon products for tackling some of the greatest ecological issues facing our world today, all protected by substantial Intellectual Property.


CarbonScape is working hard to deliver economic benefit whilst also aiding our planet through patented technology. Our process technology exploits the benefits of lower costs associated with cheap inputs, high efficiencies and fast processing times compared to traditional approaches.


CarbonScape is the epitome of clean business: creating a winning combination of valuable products for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


what people are saying

There's international excitement about our technology

CarbonScape is exciting people with its microwave technology, receiving awards from around the world  including The Financial Times Climate Change Challenge and the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.   But don't just take our word for it...


how it works

CarbonScape's technology

Microwave technology has been used for decades, but its application to efficient, rapid creation of carbon products at an industrial scale is relatively new. CarbonScape is a world leader in this area.

Microwaves have a range of unique properties which make them ideal for refining carbon in the 21st century:


1. Microwaves heat inside and out (rather than from the outside in)


2. Microwaves allow the precise delivery of power


3. Microwaves can targets specific components in biomass, reducing the processing time and energy costs


4. Microwaves can accelerate chemical reactions to promote the formation of selected products


Through an intensive research and development program, CarbonScape is pioneering dial-up capability of microwave energy to extract valuable and sustainable products from almost any biomass on Earth.                                                                                                          Learn more...

A world of possibilities

CarbonScape’s technology can be utilized to produce a wide range of valuable carbon products.  We started out  working with forestry waste but are now making use of other sustainably-sourced materials.

what we do

Substituting fossil-based carbons with a range of renewable, sustainably produced carbons, CarbonScape is a company for its time.


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CarbonScape is working to make a difference

We're seeking investment to build a new pilot plant for the production of Green Coke to meet our New Zealand Steel Supply Agreement. If you would like to help us make a cleaner world, do please get in touch.

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